How to print out requestQueue info (Apify) at run time

The docs on requestQueue.getInfo().

After some unsuccessful tries I could have managed to get the requestQueue info output. Note, we run the function inside the Apify runtime environment:

Apify.main(async () => { ... }

Solution 1

We make the function async and add await to the getInfo() Promise call:

async function printRequestQueue (requestQueue){
   var { totalRequestCount, handledRequestCount, pendingRequestCount } = await requestQueue.getInfo();
   console.log(`Request Queue info:` );
   console.log(' - handled :', handledRequestCount);
   console.log(' - pending :', pendingRequestCount);
   console.log(' - total:'  , totalRequestCount); 

with the following result:

Request Queue info:
 - handled : 479
 - pending : 312
 - total: 791

Solution 2, using then/catch

In this case we do not need to make our function async since we catch the the getInfo() promise result thru .then(response).

function printRequestQueue (requestQueue){ 
  requestQueue.getInfo().then((response)=> { 
    console.log('total:', response.totalRequestCount); 
    console.log('handled:', response.handledRequestCount);
    console.log('pending:', response.pendingRequestCount);  
    console.log('\nFull response:\n', response); })
 .catch( (error) => console.log(error)); 

with the following result:

total: 791
handled: 479
pending: 312

Full response:
 { id: 'queue-name',
  name: 'queue-name',
  userId: null,
  createdAt: 2021-02-26T11:57:00.453Z,
  modifiedAt: 2021-02-26T11:58:47.988Z,
  accessedAt: 2021-02-26T11:58:47.989Z,
  totalRequestCount: 791,
  handledRequestCount: 479,
  pendingRequestCount: 312 

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