Distributed File System Implementations and MapReduce strategy

We have already mentioned the MapReduce distributed computation style in data analysis for computing clusters in the previous post. Here we want to touch more on the matter of implementation of this strategy for distributed hardware.

Implementing frequent itemsets algorithm thru MapReduce

The problem of finding frequent itemsets in data analysis is described in this post, and here i state the practical steps for finding the frequent itemsets thru MapReduce.

Data Mining: The AdWords Problem Review

This post is a continuation of the previous post on Advertising on the Web and Data mining. Here we conclude by reviewing some basic algorithms for placing ads on the web.

Advertising on the Web and Data mining

The challenge of effective web advertisement primarily involves placing relevant ads on user requested web pages. Those ads must be relevant to a page receiver, that is relevant to the page context and/or directly to the user. What algorithms are being used for this? What trends are there now in business intelligence and data mining for digital advertisement solutions?

Clustering in a Parallel Environment and MapReduce

As we have touched on some basics on Clusters in Data Mining, we want to consider the computation techniques applied for clusters. Those techniques stand in line with the data mining for web traffic analysis.

Frequent Itemset Challenge in Data Mining

In Business Intelligence (and in data mining in general) a regular need is to be able to find the items that frequently go together in a consumer basket.

Research Data Analysis of Web Traffic

I want to share on the research which was done by some Estonian students concerning web traffic analysis. The case study they undertook is about mining frequent user access patterns from web log files. The primary objective was to discover the most frequent browsing patterns by analyzing the browsing sessions in logs.

Data Journalism Handbook Poster

Data Journalism Handbook PosterThe poster is composed by Liliana Bounegru and Lulu Pinney shortly says what is in the Data Journalism Handbook. This referrence book shows how journalists can produce  interesting news out of data gathered from the web.