Connector-GUIDs, User-GUIDs, API keys and how to get them?

Suppose I run a query to API:

$url = "" . $connectorGuid . "/_query?_user=" . urlencode($userGuid) . "&_apikey=" . urlencode($apiKey);

“HI there can you please tell me that what are connector-guid, user-guid and api key in below given code and how to get them for any website?”

I came across this question on StackOverflow, and as an avid user I thought I’d answer it here as well, in case any of you have the same issue. 

Scraping with Magic – The Future?

Over the last one or two years there has been a lot of maturing in the area of visual Web Scrapers. New companies like ParseHub, ScrapingHub and Kimono are bringing new tools to the market, while industry veterans like Outwithub, visual web ripper and Mozenda continue to update their great tooling to annotate/train scrapers and extract web data.

Interestingly, something has changed now. has created a new tool which is a little bit different on the surface, and having spoken to them, a LOT different under the hood. Enter the Enterprise DaaS Market Enterprise
Recently, (a free scraping online tool) announced that they are adding another way to get data from the web: they’ll build it for you. This new “Data as a Service” program is targeted at businesses and organizations who need data, but don’t have the time or resources to devote to using the tool to build it themselves. For these clients, import will curate custom datasets based on their specific requirements as well as develop custom data implementation solutions based on the organization’s in-house software.

Easy Data Visualisation with

Data Visualisation with Silk.coThis is a guest post by Daniel Cave.

With the rise of social media sharing, collaboration and a increasingly interested market for data, there are more and more people wanting to ‘play with data’ and learn using some basics free tools. So recently I’ve been trying to find a technically advanced and interesting combination of free tools to collect and visualise web data that will allow enthusiasts and students to get those all important initial quick and easy wins.

What is import•io from the user’s point of view?

Import•io is a big data cloud platform that has the ambitious goal of turning the web into a database.  It was founded in March, 2012, and a year later it received $1.3M in seed funding from Wellington PartnersLouis Monier and Emmanuel Javal.

Free Online Web Scrapers

Free online web scrapers are a useful tool for gathering information and putting it into useable form. The contents of a given URL can be placed in a spreadsheet and expanded over time into a data-set. With an online web service, collected data can be merged into a new or existing database.

Import•io: the First Impression logoThere are two extreme approaches for building a web scraper: to make it highly flexible and customizable but understandable for IT gurus only or to make it nice, simple and handy but limited in usage. All scraping software developers usually try to find a golden mean between these two approaches. In this article I want to introduce you to a relatively new startup, import•io, which says that anyone can scrape any data regardless of his or her IT skills.