Using ProxyMesh with Visual Web Ripper

ProxyMesh is another rotating anonymous proxy server service that lets users stay anonymous with the help of a network of continuously rotated IP proxy servers. This service requires no software to be downloaded but it can be easily used in conjunction with Visual Web Ripper software.

Anonymous Scraping with Visual Web Ripper

It’s very common to use proxy servers for web data extraction. If you want to stay undetected when you scrape a website, you have to change your IP address periodically. Otherwise it is very easy to detect unusual activity by observing a large number of requests from a single IP address. Visual Web Ripper has a built-in support of proxy servers called Private Proxy Switch.

Captcha Breaker Review

GSA Captcha Breaker is a CAPTCHA solving software. It uses Optical Character Recognition algorithms for CAPTCHA decoding. Being a standalone program it works independently of any online captcha recognition services (like DeathByCaptcha, BypassCaptcha and etc). This means that once you have paid for the program you don’t need to pay for each recognition anymore, and this allows you to save money when you need to recognize a huge amount of CAPTCHAs.

How to use proxy in Visual Web Ripper

As we mentioned before, it’s often necessary to use proxy server when you gather infromation from the web. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to tune Visual Web Ripper to run the web requests through proxy servers.

Using External Input Data in Off-the-shelf Web Scrapers

External Data Source ConnectionThere is a question I’ve wanted to shed some light upon for a long time already: “What if I need to scrape several URL’s based on data in some external database?“.

Visual Web Ripper: Using External Input Data Sources

Visual Web Ripper: Using External Input Data SourcesSometimes it is necessary to use external data sources to provide parameters for the scraping process. For example, you have a database with a bunch of ASINs and you need to scrape all product information for each one of them. As far as Visual Web Ripper is concerned, an input data source can be used to provide a list of input values to a data extraction project.

Mozenda & Visual Web Ripper online search trends

Continuing our research on the most popular scraping software, I decided to compare Mozenda and Visual Web Ripper on a search trends basis. What is the frequency of searches for these products online over time? I used Google Trends for this purpose, and below I share the current statistics and conclusions.

Scrape detection and how Visual Web Ripper can help deal with this problem

Recently we have encountered the web scrape detection issues in some of our projects. So as we’ve consulted with the Sequentum developers we present to you some points on this topic. Here are a few lines about web scraping detection and how Visual Web Ripper can help deal with this problem.

Mozenda vs Visual Web Ripper

After completing reviews for both Mozenda and Visual Web Ripper, it was time to compare the advantages of each. This short post gives a quick look into these scraping tools, both of which are powerful and popular.

Visual Web Ripper Review

VWR logo Visual Web Ripper is a visual multi-featured data extractor. It easily scrapes dynamic pages (including Ajax) and works well for a variety of databases for data output. This product is created by Sequentum group.