Challenge Development

Experience with CloudFlare bypass

Presently (March 2024) anti-bots are actively applied for web data protection. Some of them with their characteristics & bypass methods might be seen here. If you are interested, take a look at some bot protected websites table. In this post we’ll share our real case experience with fighting CloudFlare proection.


BrowserContext + Persistent Context in Playwright

In Microsoft Playwright, a BrowserContext is an abstraction that represents an independent session of browser activity, similar to an incognito session in a traditional web browser. Each BrowserContext can have its own set of cookies, local storage data, and session storage data, which means that activities performed in one context do not affect or interfere with those in another, providing a clean slate for each test or automation task.


The primary advantage of using BrowserContexts is their ability to simulate multiple users interacting with a web application simultaneously, without the need for multiple browsers to be opened and managed. Additionally, BrowserContexts allow for custom configurations, such as viewport size, geolocation, language, and permissions, enabling us to configure our scrapers differently from one context to another.