Web scraping and Data extraction

Web scraping and Data extraction

What is web scraping? Web scraping, aka data extraction, is an automated process of gathering, fetching data from the websites, web services and application. Web scraping is absolutely legal as long as it adheres to the target/source sites terms of use (ToU) or terms of service (ToS).

In the blog we share with you the scraping techniques and methods, as well as code samples, project development workflow. On the business side, we do [web scraping] service’s testing and reviews, proxy services analysis and more…

Machine learning and Data Mining

The blog is also dedicated to the contemporary data mining and machine learning techniques.


With this site we recover the scraping.pro site and we’ll publish here most vital blog posts for our own and public benefit.

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Having any comments, suggestions, requests or scraping service requirements you might turn to us. Please write to the following emails: igor[dot]savinkin[at]gmail[dot]com.

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