Linkedin lost in court to data analytic company that scrapes Linkedin’s public profiles info

On September 9th, 2019 the UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS 1 has affirmed the former district court’s determination that a certain [data] analytic company is lawful to scrape [perform automated gathering] LinkedIn’s public profiles info. Now the historical event has happened in which a court is protecting a data extractor’s right for mass gathering openly presented business directory information.

Strategies on how to protect your data from cyber theft


Cyber-attacks are becoming a real threat to businesses both small and large. The damage they bring into people’s lives is more severe than people presume. In 2019, hundreds of billions of dollars went  down this tunnel, and the crime is yet to stop. With the evolvement of threat landscapes, attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. It has also become clear that big companies need to understand that they cannot be 100% secure from such breaches. The real question is, if hackers manage to attack the big companies, how long would it take them to steal your data? The only way to handle this menace is if you understand these basic security strategies and implement them.

ReCaptcha to be solved with iMacros

breaked by imacroRecently I’v been getting requests for a tutorial showing how to solve Google’s No CAPTCHA ReCaptcha. I’ve introduced it before and promised to work out a script to automate solving it. And here’s what I’ve come up with.

Automate your social marketing by bulk tweeting all your blog posts

twitter_auto_logoA good social presence is important for any successful blogger. But running a full time blog and keeping up your tweet volume is incredibly time consuming. It would be so much more convenient if you could set up bulk tweets for all your posts. Recently as I was doing some reCaptcha automation, I came up with an idea to use the iMacros browser plugin to automate just such a task. Here’s how I did it…

Competitor Analysis

As strange as it may sound, competitor analysis is a significant part of the marketing process. Any company that hopes to become successful one day needs to look at the way competing businesses handle themselves. A competitive analysis is a document designed to showcase the strengths and weaknesses of other companies in an industry. A technical writer with marketing intelligence can create a strong analysis that allows a business to make good decisions.

Google Scraper Hints

google_scraperBeing the biggest scraper Google itself doesn’t like when somebody scrapes it. This makes life of google scrapers difficult.

In this post I offer you several hints on how to scrape Google in a safe way (if you still decided to do this).

A simple LinkedIn Group Submitter

LinkedInLinkedIn API doesn’t allow you to publish into groups if you are not their administrator. That was done in order to eliminate spamming, but if you are a member of several groups of a similar topic and you want to share some interesting information with all of those groups, you have to do it manually group by group and eventually it becomes tedious. In this post I’ll show you a simple way to automate this process in C# using Selenium WebDriver.

How to Analyze Competitors

competitor-analysis There is no doubt that you have to spend time on competitor analysis if you care about your business. Doing this, you may realize many things that you didn’t realize before about the market in which you are laboring, If you are just beginning your business, then you need to analyze your future competitors all the more in order to know how do they do their business and what they are focusing on.

SEO Monitoring with Colibri (Review)

Colibri SEO ToolRecently I had to choose a tool for keyword monitoring and after reviewing several online services, I ended up with Colibri. It has a nice design and intuitive interface. If you have matured enough to take your SEO more seriously (and even to pay the price for it), this short review may help you to make a choice.

Google Trends Review

Google Trends Review Google Trends, one of several free Google services for analytics, is one that renders search keyword interest trends over time. It is applicable for market research, analytics, and web surfer behavior tracking.