Running python script detached and getting realtime output

When working with different scrapers in python, we often need to run them detached from the main process and monitor their output in real-time. Here’s how we do this:

import subprocess
with open('output.txt', 'w') as f	 
    subprocess.Popen(["python", "-u", ""], stdout = f)
  • subprocess.Popen() launches a script as a detached process.
  • stdout = f  redirects stdout into file.
  • Python’s “-u” parameter gives us fresh written data, the buffering being “off”.

We run an OS command invoking a scraper script to run in parallel to the main process. Subprocess.Popen() is  the best procedure to run a script in parallel. When getting ‘fresh scraped’ data from file, the buffering should be “off” (the second parameter “-u” denoting unbuffered binary stdout and stderr). Alternatively, the Python environment variable PYTHONUNBUFFERED is to be ‘non-empty string’. For more options of non-buffering output in Python, check here.

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