Node.js to automate a browser XHR (Ajax)

Lately I needed to scrape some data that are dynamically loaded by “Load more” button. A website JavaScript invokes XHR (or Ajax request) to fetch a next data portion. So, the need was to re-run those XHR with some POST parameters as variables.

So, how to make it in Node.js?


Choosing the Best Proxies for Web Scraping

From eCommerce and market research to competitive analysis and more, web scraping has become an integral part of data collection. And for some, it’s the secret sauce for success.

But with great scraping power comes great responsibility. 

Web scraping can result in IP bans and other harsh restrictions. To avoid these issues, many turn to proxies, which act as intermediaries between your requests and the target website. In this article, we’ll explore the top 3 proxy types for web scraping and focus on the key benefits of each proxy. Let’s go!

Guest posting

Bright Data’s Business Capabilities

Bright Data offers its customers a full suite of real-time data collection tools that help them gain and maintain a competitive market edge. BrightData  prides itself on its ethical and 100% legally compliant approach.

Challenge Development

Infinite scroll for getting group members in Linkedin

Recently i was challenged with getting Linkedin group memebers info. The challenge made me to seek some ways to

Here is a video where I try to catch all Linkedin group members through endless scroll**, I having to be a member of the group.
The real speed is ~1 person/second though.

Sometimes you need to click on the “Scroll more results” button or even just hover the mouse over this button.

Automate scroll

**The post on how to start infinite scrol in the browser… But this JS code from the post does not help to replenish the page… Only when there is a focus on the browser tab/page, the script continues loading data again.


A Comprehensive Examination of NetNut Proxy Services

When traversing the digital landscape for high-quality proxy services, the name NetNut often emerges as a frontrunner. This review aims to delve into the facets of NetNut’s offerings, emphasizing the distinctive aspects that set it apart in an intensely competitive environment. 

An Introduction to NetNut

In the world of proxies, has built a reputation for speed, reliability, and robustness. Leveraging its partnership with a major US data carrier, NetNut offers a residential proxy network that is both unique and high-performing. The company’s network is expansive, with a coverage that spans millions of IPs globally, presenting an impressive degree of scalability.


Static Residential Proxies

We’ve alsredy spoke of Rotating Residential Proxies but now I want to share SmartProxy‘s new Static Residential Proxies.

Static Residential Proxies do not rotate randomly but rather on-demand. They are good for web scraping to make a spider maintain its session at single website. And this session memory might last for life.

How are they different from dynamic/rotating residential proxies?

  • Greater stability
  • Faster speed
  • Website sessions keeping
Challenge Development

Node.js & Privacy Pass application for Cloudflare scrape solution

Over 7.59 million of websites use Cloudflare protection, 26% of
them are among the top 100K website worldwide. As Cloudflare
establishes itself as the norm regarding service protection, chances are, the site you want to scrape is more likely to use it than not.

When it comes to scrapping websites, captchas and other type of
protections were always the main obstacle in providing reliable data collection solutions. And most often this would lead to consider bypass services which aren’t always free.


MobaXterm, better Putty alternative

MobaXterm is a server connectivity software (Windows) and it’s much better than Putty. It’s branded as “Enhanced terminal for Windows with X11 server, tabbed SSH client, network tools and much more”.


Github AI pair programmer

GitHub Copilot · Your AI pair programmer

The copilot is integratable into 4 major IDEs

Visual Studio Visual Studio Neovim Neovim VS Code VS Code JetBrains IDEs JetBrains IDEs
Challenge Development

Undetected ChromeDriver in Python Selenium

Selenium comes with a default WebDriver that often fails to bypass scraping anti-bots. Yet you can complement it with Undetected ChromeDriver, a third-party WebDriver tool that will do a better job.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Undetected ChromeDriver with Selenium in Python and solve the most common errors.