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Discord Bot to detect on-site anti-scrape & scrape-proof tools

Today, I’ll share of a Dicord server 1 and server 2 that accomodate a bot able to detect multiple modern scrape-protection and scrape-detection means. The server’s channels with the bot are #antibot-test and #antibot-scan respectively

Technologies to detect

The bot returns technoligies used by a site to protect against web scraping. Among those are the following:

Shape Security DataDome Distil Imperva Incapsula PerimeterX Akamai FingerprintJS FingerprintJS Pro Kasada WhiteOps ShieldSquare ThreatMetrix F5 Cloudflare Arkose Labs Human Security Sift Ocule Cheq TrafficGuard Reblaze Forter Protection Meetrics Check reCAPTCHA Generic Fingerprinting & Bot detection

How to invoke the bot

Move to the channel #antibot-test and hit the following line:

!antibot https://[website-of-interest].com/

For my test againts data aggregator site the bot returned “None of those detected”.

What it finds

As to the findings the bot mainly detects JS files that relate to a particular anti-scrape technology.

Eg, for the !antibot query the bot has found 2 JS files of the FingerprintJS technology of PerimeterX.

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