Content Grabber with free proxy account integration for business directories scrape

Professional data extraction requires adequate proxying to keep anonymity of scraping robots. When attempting to extract large data sets (over 1M records, ex. business directories) reliable and fast proxy service is needed.

Sequentum has released the Nohodo proxy service integration for Content Grabber. Nohodo provides a free account for Content Grabber users (up to 5000 requests monthly for free). The feature is available for both trial users and regular customers. Here’s how it works…

Content Grabber Review

Content Grabber by Sequentum is a powerful, multi-featured web scraping solution with web automation capabilities. It was developed by the folks that brought you Visual Web Ripper and it includes all the VWR features and more. In fact Content Grabber truly has raised the bar.

The software is targeted at companies with a critical reliance on web scraping and second it is for those who want to build, package and sell their own web scraping offerings (independent agents). It is an Enterprise grade solution which has been built from the ground up with a focus on performance, scalability and usability.