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MangoProxy Review

MangoProxy is a Premium Proxy provider that offers various features to keep your online activity safe and secure. They don’t require you to register with your personal data, so you can use their service without worrying about any privacy issues. The company has a number of proxy packages to choose from, and each comes with unlimited bandwidth and a no-logs policy.


Choosing the Best Proxies for Web Scraping

From eCommerce and market research to competitive analysis and more, web scraping has become an integral part of data collection. And for some, it’s the secret sauce for success.

But with great scraping power comes great responsibility. 

Web scraping can result in IP bans and other harsh restrictions. To avoid these issues, many turn to proxies, which act as intermediaries between your requests and the target website. In this article, we’ll explore the top 3 proxy types for web scraping and focus on the key benefits of each proxy. Let’s go!

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Bright Data’s Business Capabilities

Bright Data offers its customers a full suite of real-time data collection tools that help them gain and maintain a competitive market edge. BrightData  prides itself on its ethical and 100% legally compliant approach.


A Comprehensive Examination of NetNut Proxy Services

When traversing the digital landscape for high-quality proxy services, the name NetNut often emerges as a frontrunner. This review aims to delve into the facets of NetNut’s offerings, emphasizing the distinctive aspects that set it apart in an intensely competitive environment. 

An Introduction to NetNut

In the world of proxies, has built a reputation for speed, reliability, and robustness. Leveraging its partnership with a major US data carrier, NetNut offers a residential proxy network that is both unique and high-performing. The company’s network is expansive, with a coverage that spans millions of IPs globally, presenting an impressive degree of scalability.


Static Residential Proxies

We’ve alsredy spoke of Rotating Residential Proxies but now I want to share SmartProxy‘s new Static Residential Proxies.

Static Residential Proxies do not rotate randomly but rather on-demand. They are good for web scraping to make a spider maintain its session at single website. And this session memory might last for life.

How are they different from dynamic/rotating residential proxies?

  • Greater stability
  • Faster speed
  • Website sessions keeping

Choosing reliable [rotating] residential proxies

Our experience with the residential proxy services. The table info is in progress.

ServiceResidentialCost/monthTraffic/month$ per GBRotatingIP whitelistingPerformance and moreNotes
n/a25 GB9 - 12

"pay-as-you-go" - 15
yesyes100M+ IPs, 192 countries

- 30K requests
- 1.3 GB of data
- 5K pages crawled
Not allowing to scrape some of grey zone targets, incl. Linkedin.
Link to a price page

1 GB
5.2 - 7

"pay-as-you-go" - 8.5
yesyes65M+ IPs, 195+ countriesNot allowing to scrape some of grey zone targets, incl. Linkedin.
from $ 96from 10 GB3.5 - 12
yesyesOver 95% success
*Bans from Cloudflare are also few, less than 5%.
No "pay-as-you-go" plan
Mango Proxy
n/a1-50 GB3-8"pay-as-you-go" - 8yesyes90M+ IPs, 240+ countries yes$ 4from 1 GB4yes
ScrapeOps Proxy AggregatoryesAPI Credits per monthN/A N/AyesAllows multithreading, the service provides browsers at its servers. It allows to run N [cloud] browsers from a local machine.
The number of threads depends on the subscription: min 5 threads.
The All-In-One Proxy API that allows to use over 20+ proxy providers from a single API
Lunaproxy.comyesfrom $15x Gb per 90 days0.85 - 5 Each plan allows certain traffic amount for 90 days only.
LiveProxies.ioyesfrom $454-50 GB5 - 12yesyesEg. 200 IPs with 4 GB for $70.00, for 30 Days limit
Charity Engine -docsyes-- starting from 3.6
CPU computing
- from $0.01 per avg CPU core-hour
- from $0.10 per GPU-hour - source.
failed to connect so far

See more exensive and detailed comparison in here.

Undetectable’s proxy partners.

Development Guest posting

Scrape ‘Ticketmaster’ using Selenium with Python

We’ve got some code provided by Akash D. working on He automates browser (Chrome as well as Edge) using Selenium with Python. The rotating authenticated proxies are leveraged to keep undetected. Yet, the site is protected with Distil network.

Challenge SaaS

Web Scraper IDE to scrape tough websites

Recently we encountered a new powerful scraping service called Web Scraper IDE [of Bright Data]. The life-test and thorough drill-in are coming soon. Yet now we want to highlight its main features that has badly (in positive sense, strongly) impressed us.


Backconnect Proxy Service with authorization in JAVA

Working with a Backconnect proxy service ( we spent a long time looking for a way to authorize it. Originally we used JSoup to get the web pages’ content. The proxy() method can be used there when setting up the connection, yet it only accepts the host and port, no authentication is possible. One of the options that we found, was the following:


Review at a glance

Oxylabs Logo is an experienced player in the proxy market. In the past few years, they have significantly expanded their proxy pool.

Right now they have a residential proxy pool with over 60M IPs and over 2M datacenter proxies. Their residential proxies cover every country in the world (!) and offer city-level targeting. Oxylabs datacenter proxies come from 82 locations and feature 7850 subnets.

Oxylabs is mainly focused on businesses and it is reflected in their product subscription plans. But recently they have introduced a Fast-Checkout feature, where customers can purchase residential proxies in a few clicks. Together with a recently added smaller plan ($300/month for 20GB of traffic) Oxylabs becomes much more attractive for smaller customers as well.