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The worthy alternative to dissolving scraping Kimono API

Recently I got notified of Kimono service finishing its work due to kimono team being joining another project. So many data hunters who were using this prominent free API service are now in search for a good alternative. 

It is now well known that Kimono Labs has been acquired and new owners Palantir have given Kimono’s customers only two weeks notice before their hosted web scraping service is shut down on Feb 29th. So, Sequentum have just announced a great solution to help these Kimono users using Content Grabber.

Option 1: for those who utilize the Kimono API to pass data to their own applications:

The Sequentum consulting team will develop a web scraping agent for you for free – this will replace the Kimono Labs web scraper.

Content Grabber logoYou can then buy and use Content Grabber’s Server Edition software (US $495) to host and maintain the agent. This is a cheaper option than buying a development license. The Server Edition includes Content Grabber’s sophisticated API and web service, and the Sequentum team will help you integrating it all with your application – again for free!

You have the option of buying the Server software and hosting the agent yourself or Sequentum can host and maintain your web scraping agent for a monthly fee.

Option 2: if you are a Kimono user who just wants to extract data to reports or a database, or you want to develop the web scraping agents yourself, then you can purchase Content Grabber’s Professional or Premium Edition software licenses and receive a US $300 discount off the price.

For those users unfamiliar with Content Grabber, it is the only web scraping software that has achieved 5 out of 5 stars on the Web Scraper Test Drive.

It is a sophisticated and powerful web scraping tool packed full of features and it’s extremely easy to use. It also includes Enterprise grade development, production management and error recovery tools that you won’t find in other web scraping solutions. See more details at the Content Grabber website.

So if you’d like more control over your data, without the restrictions Cloud-based solutions employ, then it’s time to use the solution that really delivers.

These offers are only available to existing Kimono users. Simply email stating that you are an existing Kimono user, and the Sequentum team will look after you.

You can also read this guide with lots of info about other Kimono alternatives from

Have a good advance in your scraping activity.

2 replies on “The worthy alternative to dissolving scraping Kimono API”


I just found your site, because I looked for Kimono alternative. I registered on few site (, apifier, kimonolabs etc.) earlier. I started using, but their client is a pain in the ass (slooow). The API is over complicated to me. I almost forgot Apifier if it’s founder don’t drop me a mail in last week. So, I sent him a reply with URL that I need to scrap and he replied me with a fully working crawler. Yeeehaa! At first sight the service is not very user friendly, because you need to code a little bit in Javascript, but the guys at Apifier are really helpful and: it is fast as hell, there are rotating IP’s, data retrieving is very simple (json, csv output) with just an URL. They offering 40k requests free/month, that’s more than enough for me.

They also can help you with migrating your API from Kimonolabs.

I subscribed to your blog, I really love the techniques you writing about.


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