Scraper Google Chrome extension

Scraper is a Google Chrome extension. Scraper is a handy scraping tool, perfect for capturing data from web pages and putting it into Google spreadsheets. This tool stands in line with the other scraping software, services and plugins.

How to scrape Yellow Pages with ScreenScraper Chrome Extension

Recently I was asked to help with the job of scraping company information from the Yellow Pages website using the ScreenScraper Chrome Extension. After working with this simple scraper, I decided to create a tutorial on how to use this Google Chrome Extension for scraping pages similar to this one. Hopefully, it will be useful to many of you.

Data Scraping Studio review

dss-logoData Scraping Studio (DSS) is a new free, multi-threading studio for effective data extraction. It consists of two parts: (1) the Google Chrome extension with point-&-click interface to setup a web scraping agent and (2) the Desktop app for executing scraping agents.

Automate your social marketing by bulk tweeting all your blog posts

twitter_auto_logoA good social presence is important for any successful blogger. But running a full time blog and keeping up your tweet volume is incredibly time consuming. It would be so much more convenient if you could set up bulk tweets for all your posts. Recently as I was doing some reCaptcha automation, I came up with an idea to use the iMacros browser plugin to automate just such a task. Here’s how I did it…

Scraping software, services and plugins sum up

scraping-software-services-sum-upSince we have already reviewed classic web harvesting software, we want to sum up some other scraping services and crawlers, scrape plugins and other scrape related tools.

Web scraping is a sphere that can be applied to a vast variety of fields, and in turn it can require other technologies to be involved. SEO needs scrape. Proxying is one of the methods which can help you to stay masked while doing much web data extraction. Crawling is another sub-technology indispensable in scrape for unordered information sources. Data refining follows the scrape, so as to deal with the unavoidable inconsistency of harvested data.
In addition, we will consider fast scrape tools, making our life better, and some services and handy scrapers which enable us to obtain freshly extracted data or images.

Anti Web Scraping WordPress Plugins Review

As we have been considering web scraping for positive use, there is also the aspect of the negative use of scraping for the purpose of stealing other bloggers’ proprietary content. Let’s consider some anti web scraping WP plugins.

As for a web content ownership the main indicator here is the indexing done mainly by Google. This means that if the content is scraped and immediately reposted, Google might be fooled to index it as the original, while the genuine source will be counted as content farming. Higher ranking sites might have better chances of being indexed earlier than sites with the original content, and the latter might even get a mark for being spam. This is not necessarily a tendency, but in the past some precedents have happened. This seems ridiculous, but through a published feed the offenders might detect and quickly scrape the original content for repost.