Open CSV file of UTF-8 encoding in Excel

Working with generated UTF-8 files it’s a challenge to view them properly in Excel. Gladly there is a method how to properly open them in Excel.

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Easy Data Visualisation with

This post is outdated. The service is no more awailable.

This is a guest post by Daniel Cave.

With the rise of social media sharing, collaboration and a increasingly interested market for data, there are more and more people wanting to ‘play with data’ and learn using some basics free tools. So recently I’ve been trying to find a technically advanced and interesting combination of free tools to collect and visualise web data that will allow enthusiasts and students to get those all important initial quick and easy wins.

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Debuggex Review: get your Regex to play visual

Debuggex is an online Regex testing tool that allows visualization of Regex match algorithms. The visualization feature is good both for the learners who do some Regex exploration and for the experienced users who might want to track the Regex match forward or back. It is also useful for an instant Regex pattern match by highlighting, thus eliminating the need for pressing any buttons to run Regex patterns. This tool is one of a dozen online Regex testers.

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7+ Best JSON Viewers

In this post we share on json viewers both as online tools and as plugins for browsers and Notepad++ editor.

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4 Usable Tools for Business Intelligence with Google Analytics

Analytics. Google. Social networks. Marketing campaign. Business Intelligence. It takes strong nerves to deal with all this in the vibrant, growing web business. The first thing necessary is to be real-time aware of what happens within an enterprise. Here I have chosen as notable some of the most usable tools for helping to monitor, visualize and compare analytics’ data.

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The stat visualization that makes sense

As I was searching for data mining and data visualization tools I came across the data visualization website Gapminder by Hans Rosling, the professor of Global Health in Karolinska Institute, Sweden. The website presents over a century of statistic data in visual form in graphs, the data being UN and other world organizations out-sourced.

The professor has done an extensive work with plenty of data sources for this data visualizer, and his efforts are notable.