Netpeak Software sales and offers

If you haven’t meet Netpeak Spider and Checker yet, let us explain to you why it worth your attention. These tools help SEOs and webmasters with in-depth SEO auditing, website and search engine scraping, comprehensive analysis, data aggregation from top SEO services (Ahrefs, Moz, SimilarWeb, Whois,…), and many more.Netpeak (April 2020 Special Offer)

ReCaptcha to be solved with iMacros

breaked by imacroRecently I’v been getting requests for a tutorial showing how to solve Google’s No CAPTCHA ReCaptcha. I’ve introduced it before and promised to work out a script to automate solving it. And here’s what I’ve come up with.

Automate your social marketing by bulk tweeting all your blog posts

twitter_auto_logoA good social presence is important for any successful blogger. But running a full time blog and keeping up your tweet volume is incredibly time consuming. It would be so much more convenient if you could set up bulk tweets for all your posts. Recently as I was doing some reCaptcha automation, I came up with an idea to use the iMacros browser plugin to automate just such a task. Here’s how I did it…

SEO Monitoring with Colibri (Review)

Colibri SEO ToolRecently I had to choose a tool for keyword monitoring and after reviewing several online services, I ended up with Colibri. It has a nice design and intuitive interface. If you have matured enough to take your SEO more seriously (and even to pay the price for it), this short review may help you to make a choice.

Search term correlations for business intelligence

In the previous post I’ve shown the way to apply website traffic data (time series) in order to find any correlation with organic search queries from the Google database in time span. Here I want to show two more features of Google Correlate: (1) finding search terms that have a pattern of activity over time similar to the custom query and (2) finding query terms whose popularity over time matches any shape you draw. Those features provide some insights into search traffic optimization and might be a support tool for Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Correlate for web traffic analysis

Both my partner and I were asking: what factors influence website traffic? How does one find any correlations in business intelligence related to organic searches? This post was born out of my attempt to join together both traffic data from the business blog (data source being Google Analytics) and real organic queries done in Google, in order to get some insight into which items my traffic correlates with, in specific how these items ( i.e. those which people are searching for) might have influenced website traffic.  

Research Data Analysis of Web Traffic

I want to share on the research which was done by some Estonian students concerning web traffic analysis. The case study they undertook is about mining frequent user access patterns from web log files. The primary objective was to discover the most frequent browsing patterns by analyzing the browsing sessions in logs.

Using Data Mining in Web Traffic Analysis

This short essay is about data mining methods applied in web traffic analysis and other business intelligence. It also provides a  modern look at data mining in light of the Big Data era.

Using Data Mining in Web Traffic Analysis

This short essay is about data mining methods applied in web traffic analysis and other business intelligence. It also provides a  modern look at data mining in light of the Big Data era.
For a site owner, business blogger or e-commerce entity, there are always some variables of interest concerning web traffic and statistics. How would you predict future values of variables of interest? Variables of interest might include the number of visitors to a target website, the time each visitor spends on the site, and whether or not the visitor reaches the site’s goals. One needs to mention that these web traffic and site performance analyses are not imposed with stringent time constraints. Data mining techniques seek to identify relationships between the variable of interest and the variables in a data sample. There are at least 3 analysis models for data mining that we consider here.

Google Webmaster Tools to have more insight into site content and web traffic

The content war is currently waging on the web. What particular keywords bring organic traffic to my site? Where is my website positioned in the users’ organic search using these keywords? How does my page get top ranked? These concerns are relevant to many site owners and business bloggers. This topic is to help you to master Google Webmaster Tools as the means to see how your page content performs before the click.