Octoparse: how to extract GPS coordinates from Google Maps

octoparseHave you ever thought you could make money by knowing how many restaurants there are in a square mile? There is no free lunch, however, if you know how to use Google Maps, you can extract and collect restaurants’ GPS’s and store them in your own database. With that information in hand and some math calculations, you are off to creating a big data online service.

2captcha service to solve reCaptcha v2.0 (python)

In this post we want to show you the code for an automatic connection to 2captcha service for solving google reCaptcha v2.0. Not long ago, google drastically complicated the user-behavior reCaptcha (v2.0). This online service provides a method for solving it.

How To Automaticlly Convert files in Google App Script

The other day I was challenged to do some cloud converting following the web scraping project with Google App Script(GAS)[1]. Namely to get a google doc file and to convert it into MS Word format. 

Distributed File System Implementations and MapReduce strategy

We have already mentioned the MapReduce distributed computation style in data analysis for computing clusters in the previous post. Here we want to touch more on the matter of implementation of this strategy for distributed hardware.

Clustering in a Parallel Environment and MapReduce

As we have touched on some basics on Clusters in Data Mining, we want to consider the computation techniques applied for clusters. Those techniques stand in line with the data mining for web traffic analysis.

OutWit: Scrape search results for SEO Audit

In this video, Dale Stokdyk, explains how to scrape Search Engine Results using OutWit Hub with custom scraper.