JAVA library to scrape Linkedin & its data affiliates

In this post we want to share with you a new useful JAVA library that helps to crawl and scrape Linkedin companies. Get business directories scraped!

If you are considering the Linkedin data scrape legal issues, please refer to the following post: Linkedin lost in court to data analytic company that scrapes Linkedin’s public profiles info

Simple JAVA email crawler

In this post we share the code of a simple Java email crawler. It crawls emails of a given website, with an infinite crawling depth. A previous post showed us Python simple email crawler.

Simple JAVA email crawler

In the post we share with you the simple JAVA email crawler that crawls a input host (website) and searches for all the emails at the host and stores them.

The script uses JSoup library and the full project you may find here.

Captcha solving with Java and why you should avoid it

In this blog post we are going to show how you can solve [Re]captcha with Java and some third party APIs, and why you should probably avoid them in the first place.
For the Python code (+ captcha API) see that post.

The post author is Kevin Sahin from

Captcha solving

“Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart” is what captcha stands for. Captchas are used to prevent bots from accessing and performing actions on websites or applications.

The last one is the most used captcha mechanism, Google ReCaptcha v2. That’s why we are going to see how to “break” these captchas.

Creating REST API with Spring

Today we are going to discuss the quite huge and engaging theme – REST API – and make our own web application based on the most popular Java framework – Spring. To start with, we will explain the two main concepts of this article – REST API and Spring. Note, these two concepts are quite complex, and, unfortunately, we can’t fully describe them, but in the article you will find links that will help you cope with moments where you might get stuck.

Web Scraping with Java and HtmlUnit

java-htmlunit-post-front-cover-smallWeb scraping or crawling is the act of fetching data from a third party website by downloading and parsing the HTML code to extract the data you want. It can be done manually, but generally this term refers to the automated process of downloading the HTML content of a page, parsing/extracting the data, and saving it into a database for further analysis or use.

A simple LinkedIn Group Submitter

LinkedInLinkedIn API doesn’t allow you to publish into groups if you are not their administrator. That was done in order to eliminate spamming, but if you are a member of several groups of a similar topic and you want to share some interesting information with all of those groups, you have to do it manually group by group and eventually it becomes tedious. In this post I’ll show you a simple way to automate this process in C# using Selenium WebDriver.

An Example of Captcha Solver in Java

java_captcha Recently I published an article on how to solve captcha in C# using DeathByCaptcha service, and I promised to offer you an example in other languages as well. In this post I’ll offer a Java project that does the same thing.

6 Tips for Using WebDriver with Java

In this article I’ll share with you 6 usefult tips that may help you when you work with Selenium WebDriver in Java.

How to scrape Amazon with WebDriver in Java

Here is a real-world example of using Selenium WebDriver for scraping.

This short program is written in Java and scrapes book title and author from the Amazon webstore.