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2 coding-free ways to extract content from websites to boost web traffic

Content is most basic way to attract traffic – without a certain amount of quality content, neither Google nor visitors would be interested in your website because there is little value they can get browsing it.

There are 2 main coding-free solutions for extracting content from websites to build your content base: choose one or a combination of themand have a try!

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Octoparse Alternatives

Let me tell you what you already know! Octoparse is a great web scraping tool! But like every great tool, it’s got its limitations. At times, you may wonder if there are any alternatives to Octoparse. We wondered the same and put together this blog to provide you a short list of Octoparse alternatives along with their features and distinguishing factors. Let’s get started!


Octoparse: how to extract GPS coordinates from Google Maps

octoparseHave you ever thought you could make money by knowing how many restaurants there are in a square mile? There is no free lunch, however, if you know how to use Google Maps, you can extract and collect restaurants’ GPS’s and store them in your own database. With that information in hand and some math calculations, you are off to creating a big data online service.


Introducing Octoparse New Version 7.1 – web scraping for dummies is official

octoparse-logoThroughout the years of working in the data industry, the Octoparse team had never slowed down its pace in making data more accessible and readily to all people. It’s rooted in our belief that in the era of big data, anyone should be blessed with the capability to collect data so as to harness the power of big data.