Handy Web Extractor

Handy Web ExtractorHandy Web Extractor is a simple tool for everyday web content monitoring. It will periodically download the web page, extract the necessary content and display it in the window on your desktop. One may consider it as the data extraction software, taking its own nitch in the scraping software and plugins.

It’s totally free and available for download.

What is Crawlera?

I came across this tool a few weeks ago, and wanted to share it with you. So far I have not tested it myself, but it is a simple concept- Safely download web pages without the fear of overloading websites or getting banned. You write a crawler script using scruping hub, and they will run through there IP proxies and take care of the technical problems of crawling.

Using DOMXPath for parsing page content in PHP

The DOMXPath class is a convenient and popular means to parse HTML content with XPath.
After I’ve done a simple PHP/cURL scraper using Regex some have reasonably mentioned a request for a more efficient scrape with XPath. So, instead of parsing the content with Regex, I used DOMXPath class methods.

Python LinkedIn downloader

We’ve done the Linkedin scraper that downloades the free study courses. They include text data, exercise files and 720HD videos. The code does not represent the pure Linkedin scraper, a business directory data extractor. Yet, you might grasp the main thoughts and useful techniques for your Linkedin scraper development.

Crawler vs Scraper vs Parser

In the post we share the differences between Crawler, Scraper and Parser.

OutWit Hub Review

OutWit Hub is a software providing simple data extraction without requiring any programming skills or advanced technical knowledge. What impressed me about Outwit Hub is its general approach to data gathering: harvest everything (links, text, images, etc.) and, then, let the user choose what is needed (sift by scrapers). The program is apt to browse over links on pages, so this feature works well if multiple chains web scraping is required. UPDATE: OutWit Hub 4.0 is released!

Meet new OutWit Hub 4.0!

OutWit Hub LogoLike every year, OutWit just released a major upgrade of its extraction program OutWit Hub. This version brings a number of interesting new features and some of them I’m going to cover in this post.

FMiner Review

FMiner is another data extraction tool which has been on the market already for 5 years. Let’s see what features allow it to survive in the tough competitive struggle we have in the web scraping world.

Microsys A1 Website Scraper Review

The A1 scraper by Microsys is a program that is mainly used to scrape websites to extract data in large quantities for later use in webservicesThe scraper works to extract text, URLs etc., using multiple Regexes and saving the output into a CSV file. This tool is can be compared with other web harvesting and web scraping services.

Inspyder Power Search Review

Inspyder Power Search is a crawling and scraping application which is more for straightforward scraping, using both XPath and Regex. The program has a simple, nice interface making it easy to learn and employ it.

Inspyder is designed for multiple purposes: