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2 coding-free ways to extract content from websites to boost web traffic

Content is most basic way to attract traffic – without a certain amount of quality content, neither Google nor visitors would be interested in your website because there is little value they can get browsing it.

There are 2 main coding-free solutions for extracting content from websites to build your content base: choose one or a combination of themand have a try!


Fast scrape of a simple website using Node.js, Apify & Cheerio scraper

We recently composed a scraper that works to extract data of a static site. By a static site, we mean such a site that does not utilize JS scripting that loads or transforms on-site data.

If you are interested in a scrape JS-rendered site, please read the following: Scraping a Javascript-dependent website with puppeteer.

Technologies stack

  1. Node.js, the server-side JS environment. The main characteristic of Node.js is the code asynchronous execution.
  2. Apify SDK, the scalable web scraping and crawling library for JavaScript/Node.js. Let’s highlight its excellent characteristics:
  • automatically scales a pool of headless Chrome/Puppeteer instances
  • maintains queues of URLs to crawl (handled, pending) – this makes it possible to accommodate crawler possible failures and resumes.
  • saves crawl results to a convenient [json] dataset (local or in the cloud)
  • allows proxies rotation

    We’ll use a Cheerio crawler of Apify to crawl and extract data off the target site. The target is

Node.js, Apify, how to fill in RequestQueue from txt file

When working with Apify crawlers, it’s necessary to init RequestQueue. How to fill in RequestQueue from txt file?


A text file with urls to crawl. In our case it’s categories.txt. We’ll use LineReader node package to open and iterate the file line by line.
LineReader to install:

npm i --save line-reader  

Since requestQueue methods return Promise, when iterating over the lines of the file we need to apply async function for each line to be added as url into the requestQueue.

The code

const queue_name ='ebinger';
const base_url = '';

Apify.main(async () => {
	const requestQueue = await Apify.openRequestQueue(queue_name);
	const lineReader = require('line-reader');
	lineReader.eachLine('categories.txt', async function(line) {
		//console.log('adding ', line);
		let url = base_url + line.trim(); 
		await requestQueue.addRequest({ url: url });
	var { totalRequestCount, handledRequestCount, pendingRequestCount, name } = await requestQueue.getInfo();
	console.log(`RequestQueue "${name}" with requests:` );
	console.log(' handledRequestCount:', handledRequestCount);
	console.log(' pendingRequestCount:', pendingRequestCount);
	console.log(' totalRequestCount:'  , totalRequestCount);

Chromium Command Line switches

When we use Selenium or Node.js + Puppeteer to run [headless] Chrome/Chromium we might need to add some extra functionality/conditions to launch browsers with. Below you’ll find all kinds of Conditions and their explanations.

How to use command line switches?

The Chromium Team has made a page on which they briefly explain how to use these switches.


How to extract emails, phones, links (urls) from text fragments?

Recently I noticed the question about extracting emails, phones, links(urls) from text fragments and immediately I decided to write this short post.

Regex comes to rescue

Each of the following: email, phones, link, form a category that falls under/matches a certain text pattern. What are the text patterns ? These are regexes, aka regex patterns, short for regular expressions. Eg. most emails fit into the following regex pattern: 



Progressive Web Application, theme build & configuration

The post will share with you the difference between the production and development builds of PWA. If you are not familiar to PWA (Progressive Web Application) please visit that blog post.


Composer failed to download guzzle package

I’ve met with the challenge that composer failed to load guzzle library file:
file could not be downloaded (HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found)

The solution has been the following:

composer clear-cache
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Octoparse Alternatives

Let me tell you what you already know! Octoparse is a great web scraping tool! But like every great tool, it’s got its limitations. At times, you may wonder if there are any alternatives to Octoparse. We wondered the same and put together this blog to provide you a short list of Octoparse alternatives along with their features and distinguishing factors. Let’s get started!


What information do internet services collect about users?

we use your personal data so we can provide the best service, tell you about products and services you may be interested in…

These or similar statements are often “tiny printed” at most of modern sites as part of Terms of Service (ToS). Below we share with you what particular data are collected from web users or app users.


Selenium Web Scraping in simple words

Question: What is Selenium web scraping?

Answer: A picture is better than 1000 words:selenium main diagram

So, you make a program with Python, PHP, JAVA, Ruby and whatever language you use in order to browse(), select(), click(), submit(), save(), etc.,  target web pages.