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Auto Website Submitter Review

GSA website submitterIn this post I want to offer you a brief review of GSA Auto Website Submitter. This application is designed to submit information about a web page (that includes backlinks, categories, description, etc.) to thousands of directories and dozens of search engines.

What makes this program differ from other similar ones?

  1. The Auto Website Submiter accomplishes almost fully automated submission up to the point that it may submit both to the directories and search engines
  2. The submission process is finely tunable
  3. Email validation tool logs into your email account and automatically clicks the verification links.
  4. Program provides a detailed report for the submission results
  5. The full version allows you to submit your website into 6672 sites, 55 search engines and 67 blogs.

The submition process in brief

When you launch the Auto Website Submitter you’re prompted to create a new project. To create it you need to fill your website name, RSS, email, descriptions and some other information:

Auto Website Submitter Project

After starting the submission process you’ll get a detailed report like this:

Auto Website Submitter Results

Demo mode

The useable sites number for this mode is limited to only 673. As I ran it in the trial mode the following results were obtained: Successful… 35; Failed…. 128; Unknown… 8 . So its effectiveness was just a little over 20%. See the results below:

  Submission report for:  Web Scraping - web scraping, data parsing and other related things
  Date of submission...:  2013-12-16 22:38
Provider Status Type PageRank Server down or changed submit page. Directory N/A Server down or changed submit page. Directory N/A Server down or changed submit page. Directory N/A Server down or changed submit page. Directory 1 Added successfully (submitted and awaiting approval) Directory 2

Captcha Solving

With this tool it is possible to solve captchas immediately either by analyzing them by the program or by using captcha services for a small fee (e.g. 6 USD for 1000 captchas).


You can also buy a life-time license for $89. Note though, that in buying these licenses you can use the Auto Website Submitter for your own websites only. But if you need to submit websites that don’t belong to you you need to buy also a special ‘Submission Service’ license.

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GSA Auto website submitter is a very good application. Although one problem I am having that I am sure others are having aswell is the fact that there are a lot that fail and 80-90% of the fails are for one reason “Failed. Form not fully filled in?” I have searched all over to find the reason and GSA have yet to reply to me about this problem. If anyone knows a solution to it, please help me.
I have filled in every bit of information needed, I just can’t understand the problem.

Mercury Cleaning Solutions.

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