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JSONMate is yet another free online JSON visual editor with a modern appearance that allows users to edit, query, and visualize data in JSON format (in case you don’t know, JSON is a human-readable language that is usually used to communicate data between an online web application and a server). Let’s see what is unique about JSONMate.

Permalinks, Callbacks and JSON formatting

There are two main ways in which JSON gets into this visual editor: by typing or through HTTP callback. This means that you can not only test existing JSON data, but also get it from some web service.

JSONMate also helps in team collaboration by providing a permalink feature that allows you to share your JSON with other members in your team. Just click the Permalink button and you will be given a link with a long unique number that leads to a page with your JSON.

Another useful feature of this JSON editor is that it can easily beautify or uglify (minify) your JSON in one click, just click the appropriate button above the editing field.

JSON Visual  Editor

This tool provides a nice visual JSON Editor. You can add, edit and remove values, and also expand and collapse them. All nodes are colored according to their types. This allows one to display information customized by the user in a simple and intuitive interface:

CSS-like Queries

JSONMate also allows one to perform queries in JSONSelect notation. You can type your query and right away see the result in the grey box below:

JSON Visualization

And finally, besides editing and querying, this free JSON Visual Editor can display your JSON data in an interesting visual form. This allows you to get a bird’s eye view of your complicated data structure:

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