Huge JSON files view and search tool with excellent performance

Dadroit JSON Viewer LogoThe results of scraping activities are most often stored as json data, the latter having many advantages over .xml or .csv formats. Recently in one of my projects, I had to deal with JSON files of over 6Mb. Even though I managed them in Notepad++, still the proper search and count could have been better.

The new desktop JSON viewer – Dadroit gives you the ability to open huge JSON files and perform searches in them. It opens a gigabyte file in a couple of seconds.

Some highlights:

  • Fast JSON file reading
  • Memory usage File to RAM – 1:1. It won’t take many times more memory than the file size.
  • Fast RegEx search, besides regular string search
  • JSON Syntax highlighter & JSONPath outwork
  • Monitoring file for change and AutoRefresh support
  • Export to JSON as Formatted and Minified
  • Export to XML
  • Copy part of a Node

Read more about the tool here.

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