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Luminati’s Business Capabilities

Luminati’s Business CapabilitiesLuminati offers its customers a full suite of real-time data collection tools that help them gain and maintain a competitive market edge. Luminati prides itself on its ethical and 100% legally compliant approach.

Possessing +72 M proxies, the world’s largest network of peer-to-peer residential proxies, Luminati’s patented technology allows companies to view and collect data as real desktop and smartphone users. This offers huge advantages, especially when coupled with extremely precise GEO, ASN, and carrier targeting.

For example, one could verify how a consumer in New-York is currently viewing their advertising campaign or what pricing competitors are showing customers in Barcelona for an iPhone cover.

The practical application of Luminati’s capabilities is varied and highly customizable. From competitive, and marketing intelligence to public database tracking, and brand/digital asset protection, Luminati helps market leaders stay in the know while making data-driven, strategic decisions. For companies that do not have or want to invest valuable resources to integrate data collection into their existing framework, Luminati’s Data Collection Automation (DCA) platform offers a fully autonomous door-to-door data collection and delivery service.

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