New reCaptcha testing-ground

We want to share with our readers about a new testing-ground with reCaptcha v2.0. Since we do R&D of how to solve reCaptcha by web scripts and by captcha breaking services, it’s vital to have a reCaptcha testing ground.

This testing ground is designed according to the How to insert and configure reCaptcha post.

User verifying

If you want to see (or copy) the Google’s g-recaptcha-response value you append a g_response parameter to the requested url, this way:

This way the hidden g-recaptcha-response textarea will be shown upon reCaptcha tick up:

Site verifying

Working with reCaptcha, you catch the result of google’s site-verifying result (done by ajax call and proxy.php server-side) in the web developer tools’ web console:

You are welcome to use the testing ground for your test purposes with respect to bandwidth saving.

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