Phantombuster API list

I’ve categorized the Phantombuster’s scraping APIs for my sake. Yet it might be a good reference point to others too.

Product Hunt
Other (Craiglist, Quora, Chrome Extension, Pinterest, Reddit, Uber…)


API name
API description
Facebook Auto Liker Automatically like posts of people you’re close to
Facebook Event Guests Exporter Extract a list of all guests of any Facebook event
Facebook Group Extractor Scrape Facebook profiles, names & information from members of Facebook groups
Facebook ID Finder Find Facebook IDs from Facebook profile URLs
Facebook Message Sender Automatically send messages to Facebook profiles
Facebook Page Likers Extract a list of all the profiles that liked any Facebook page
Facebook Page Reviews Collector Extract Reviews from a list of Facebook pages
Facebook Post Commenters Extract a list of all the people who commented Facebook posts
Facebook Post Likers Extract a list of all the people who liked Facebook posts
Facebook Profile Scraper Collect valuable information you need from Facebook profiles
Facebook Profile URL Finder Find Facebook profile URLs based on full names and/or company names
GitHub Contributors Extractor Extract the top 100 contributors of a GitHub repository
GitHub Profile Scraper Extract every information publicly available on a Github Profile
GitHub Stargazers Extractor Extract Every Developers who starred a GitHub Repository
Instagram Auto Commenter Automatically comment a list of specific Instagram posts
Instagram Auto Follow The most-popular Instagram automation: Auto follow and auto unfollow on Instagram like a pro.
Instagram Auto Liker Automatically like a list of Instagram Profiles and/or of Instagram Posts
Instagram Follower Collector List all profiles that follow Instagram influencers
Instagram Following Collector List all profiles followed by Instagram users
Instagram Hashtag Collector Extract the most recent posts for any hashtags or locations on Instagram
Instagram Multi Hashtag Search Find posts that match multiple hashtags or locations on Instagram
Instagram Photo Likers Get a list of everyone who liked specific Instagram pictures
Instagram Post Commenters Extract every information on comments related to a list of Instagram posts
Instagram Post Data Extractor Extract all data from an Instagram Post
Instagram Posts Extractor Extract all pictures and content from a list of Instagram accounts
Instagram Profile Scraper Collect valuable information from Instagram profiles
Instagram Profile URL Finder Find Instagram profile URLs based on full names and/or company names
Intercom Auto Archiver Save hundreds of dollars on your Intercom bill by auto-archiving inactive users.
Intercom Message Sender Visit websites and leave a message on their Intercom chat
LinkedIn Accept Invitations Add incoming pending invitations automatically
Email To LinkedIn Profile URL Finder Find LinkedIn Profiles from a list of emails
LinkedIn Activities Extractor Extract every single post and like from a LinkedIn Profile’s Activity’s page
LinkedIn Auto Endorse Auto Endorse skills of your LinkedIn contacts
LinkedIn Auto Follow Automatically follow or unfollow a list of LinkedIn profiles
LinkedIn Auto Withdraw Automatically withdraw old pending sent invitations
LinkedIn Chat Extractor Find all messages from any LinkedIn conversations at a glance
LinkedIn Companies Employees Do your homework, know everything about your buyer’s personae
LinkedIn Companies Info Starting from a list of companies, find all their information on LinkedIn
LinkedIn Company URL Finder From a list of company names, find their corresponding LinkedIn company page URLs
LinkedIn Contacts Extractor Extract your LinkedIn contacts
LinkedIn Followers Insights Generate a list of all your followers and identify influencers
LinkedIn Group Members Scrape LinkedIn profiles, names & position of up to 2500+ members of a LinkedIn group
LinkedIn Learning Likers Extract a list of people who liked a course on LinkedIn Learning Platform
LinkedIn Message Sender Automatically send personalized messages to your LinkedIn connections
LinkedIn Network Booster Automatically send invitations and connect to a list of LinkedIn users with a personalized message
LinkedIn Post Commenters Extract LinkedIn profiles, comments & names of everyone who commented a LinkedIn post
LinkedIn Post Likers Extract LinkedIn profiles, names & jobs of everyone who liked a LinkedIn post
LinkedIn Profile Scraper This LinkedIn scraper will collect every data from a list LinkedIn profiles, including emails! Start scraping LinkedIn now!
LinkedIn Profile URL Finder Find LinkedIn profile URLs from first and last names
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Profile Scraper Collect valuable information you need from LinkedIn Sales Navigator profiles, including emails
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Search Export Collect LinkedIn Sales Navigator search results
LinkedIn Sales Navigator URL Converter Convert Sales Navigator URLs to LinkedIn profile URLs
LinkedIn Search Export Collect LinkedIn search results
Medium Auto Clapper Automatically Clap a list of Medium Articles
Medium Post Clappers Get all clappers’ profiles from a single or many Medium posts
Medium Search Export Extract every Posts, People, Publications & Tags out of a Search on Medium
Product Hunt
Product Hunt Profile Scraper Extract every information out of a list of Product Hunt Profiles
Product Hunt Upvoter Extractor Extract the Product Hunt profiles of every single upvoters of a list of Product
Slack Channel User Extractor Extract the names, emails and all other publicly available information of one of your Slack workspaces
Slack Message Sender Automatically send DMs to some or all members of a Slack Workspace.
Twitter Auto Follow Automatically follow a list of Twitter profiles
Twitter Auto Liker Automatically like the last tweets of a list of Twitter profiles
Twitter Follower Collector Extract a list of all followers from any Twitter account
Twitter Following Collector Extract a list of all the profiles followed by any Twitter account
Twitter Hashtag Collector Turn specific hashtags in a stream of fresh leads
Twitter Likes Export Retrieve the last likers of a list of Tweets
Twitter Media Extractor Collect all metadata from any Twitter medias
Twitter Message Sender Automatically Send Direct Messages (DM’s) to your followers and spread a message
Twitter Profile Like Extractor Extract every Tweet liked by any Twitter User
Twitter Profile Scraper Collect every Public Infos out of a Twitter Profile
Twitter Profile URL Finder Find Twitter profile URLs based on full names and/or company names
YouTube Channel Scraper Collect valuable information you need from Youtube channels
YouTube Videos Extractor Extract every videos from a list of Youtube channels
Chrome Extension Review Extractor Get all reviews from the Chrome Web Store
Craigslist Page Scraper Extract email, phone and every information out of a Craiglist page
Domain Name Finder Turn business/company names into their online domain names
Email Extractor Find email addresses on web pages at a glance
Pinterest Profile URL Finder Find Pinterest profile URLs based on full names and/or company names
Quora Topics Influencers Choose a Quora topic and get info about its influencers
Web Elements Extractor Web elements as a service
Uber Billing Extractor Receive all Uber Bills automatically by Email
Reddit Posts Extractor How to get every posts out of one or many subreddits