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Using ProxyMesh with Visual Web Ripper

ProxyMesh is another rotating anonymous proxy server service that lets users stay anonymous with the help of a network of continuously rotated IP proxy servers. This service requires no software to be downloaded but it can be easily used in conjunction with Visual Web Ripper software.

When a user makes a request through one of the system’s 5 anonymous proxies, they randomly route it through one of the constantly available proxy IP servers that are automatically changed twice a day to help users get past IP bans of all sorts. Each ProxyMesh location is equipped with 10 IP proxy servers rotated on a 12-hour basis. This translates into 20 different IP addresses every day that don’t need to be switched manually and results in considerably higher anonymity.

How to configure

IP authentication is required for ProxyMesh with Visual Web Ripper:

  1. Once subscribed to ProxyMesh, proceed to the dashboard.
  2. There will be a link for adding IP addresses on the right side of the page.
  3. The link will open a special dialog for adding IP addresses (your current IP address will be shown to the right of the dialog).
  4. Enter and save the IP addresses to be used for authentication, then configure the proxy server settings in Visual Web Ripper by specifying the ProxyMesh hostname and port number.

Visual Web Ripper Proxy Settings

Once you are done configuring IP authentication browser proxy settings, you can start enjoying the improved anonymity offered by ProxyMesh that constantly rotates IP addresses for you, thus efficiently hiding your IP address behind a fast anonymous proxy.

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