Miscellaneous load test

Recently I got a chance to perform a website load test. Since I run the blog, it’s always useful to check its abilities, load capacity. So, I was offered a free opportunity for a load test by .The setting up took less than 2 minutes with the test run at the dotcom-monitor servers. See the results in screenshots:

Setting up test conditions:
Calibration performance report:

After the site test calibration was over, the test was run. Upon test completion, I was submitted a PDF result sheet. See some of the stress test results:

Status Finished
Errors 0
TDDev, sec. 0.5314
Average, sec. 3.0725
Max Duration, sec. 5.62
Total Session 518
CPU Limited Sessions 0
Failures Sessions 0
Successes Sessions 518
Virtual Machines 2
Max Users 10
Load Duration 00:17:06
Load Stopped at 10/18/2017 10:34:13 AM

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