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DeCaptcher Review

Recently we came across a CAPTCHA solving service called DeCaptcher. As we proceed with the new Scraper Test Drive stage, we have encountered some off-the-shelf scrapers that use a 3rd party service for CAPTCHA solving. The DeCaptcher service is the most popular among them.

DeCaptcher is a service base on Optical Character Recognition system. We want to share some on this useful service. Since DeCaptcher does not provide a trial account we hope this review will be helpful for those who are interested in it.


After automatically processing CAPTCHAs, one might want to clarify when, what picture, and what the result and status of the CAPTCHA processes were. For this, extensive statistics are available in a CSV file to download, or also online in an HTML table:


The service can be built into custom software, there being various API available. Here is the full list of those for your reference:

C (all platforms)
PHP (all platforms)
Java (all platforms)
C# (Windows, vanilla)
C# (Windows, 32 bits)
C# (Windows, 64 bits)
Perl (Linux, native)
Perl (Windows, 32 bits)
Visual Basic 6 (Windows, 32 bits)
VB.NET (Windows, 32 bits)
VB.NET (Windows, 64 bits)
VB.NET 2010 (Windows, 32 bits)
Delphi (Windows, 32 bits)
DLL sources (Windows, 32 bits)
DLL sources (Windows, 64 bits)
DLL .NET-friendly sources (Windows, 32 bits)
DLL .NET-friendly sources (Windows, 64 bits)
DLL .NET 2010-friendly sources (Windows, 32 bits)
SO sources (Unix, 32 bits)
PHP cURL-based (all platforms)
Command line API (Windows)
DeCapcher xRumer plugin

The PHP API supports even the ASIRRA (Animal Species Image Recognition for Restricting Access) puzzles recognition.

Priority management

Priority management allows your CAPTHCA recognition to be unhindered, even in times of severe server loads. You may want to pay extra for your CAPTCHAs to be solved first during a server load time.


Support is done with ticketing, and the support team is quick to reply; my request was answered in 4 hours.

Affiliate membership only with your own software

De-Captcher allows for registered user to become an affiliate member. However this is only with regards to reselling CAPTCHAs recognition to 3rd parties through your own ‘pictures solving’ software product. You can register your software and send CAPTCHAs to the De-Captcher service (using DeCaptcher API) with your own addition to the price for pictures solved.


Let’s test it for the solving/passing rate.

I chose two CAPTCHAs: an easy one from Scraper Test Drive, Securimage, and a tough one, the ReCaptcha. The service did the test very well, solving most of the test puzzles. The solution rate is over 95%. Below, I have put the results for the tougher ‘double words‘ ReCaptcha images:


DeCaptcher is a modern service for automatic CAPTCHA solving. It provides API for almost all platforms.

14 replies on “DeCaptcher Review”

i am using decaptcher api but when i call a method in it it returns -200 which means unknown error i dont know what it means ? Also i checked my username and password with port and server.
Can anyone helpe me with that ?
Thank you

Do you want the source code? Turn to them then, yet I dought they’ll agree to provide it to you.

If you are interesting in the new reCaptcha code solutions, then read these posts: 1, 2.

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