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SEO Monitoring with Colibri (Review)

Colibri SEO ToolRecently I had to choose a tool for keyword monitoring and after reviewing several online services, I ended up with Colibri. It has a nice design and intuitive interface. If you have matured enough to take your SEO more seriously (and even to pay the price for it), this short review may help you to make a choice.

What can Colibri do for you?

If you promote your website in Google and use Google Analytics to watch your traffic, then Colibri may greatly help you in putting all SEO items in one place. Its help is threefold: keywords, competitors and backlinks.


Google Position Monitoring

This is a keyword monitoring dashboard. It allows you to track the website position for all your target keywords in conjunction with other useful information like traffic, conversions and keyword searches. Sorting and grouping make decision-making more easy since all the necessary information is right at your finger tips.

SEO chart details The chart at the top is interactive and displays not only your current position in search results but also other analytic information (like visits, goals etc.). But this requires you to connect Colibri to your Google Analytics account.


Competitor Monitoring in Colibri

You can use Colibri in competitor analysis. It itself suggests possible competitors based on your target keywords. All tracked competitors are shown in a special table where you can see which of your keywords are higher than the competitor’s and what you still have to improve. It’s very useful since you can not only see the whole picture but also dig into specific keyword-competitor pair details.

New competitor suggestionWhen Colibri finds a new competitor, you can choose whether to track or ignore it (of course not all the suggested websites will actually be your competitors).


Backlink Tracking in Colibri

The other way in which Colibri helps you is backlink management. It constantly gathers information about all links to your website and enables you to see them grouped either by external domain or by link text. Also at the top you can see the chart reflecting your backlink dynamics.

What else?

In this small article I didn’t take up some other minor questions like link suggestion, conversion tracking, statistics, timeline, but if you’re interested you can give it a try at If you like it, be ready to pay the price, since it has no free plan (besides the 10-day trial) and the least expensive option is $15/month.

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