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EndCaptcha for fast CAPTCHA solving

endcaptchaFrom time to time, web users struggle with “CAPTCHA services” such as DeCaptcher and DBC. And although those services are reliable, often times they’re “overloaded”, meaning the images to be solved get rejected or it takes a lot of time to be decoded (some services might even take 50 seconds to solve a single image!).

But, I recently came across a new service that hopes to fill this (fast CAPTCHA solving) gap., is a new image digitization service that was built to satisfy the needs of the most demanding consumers. It uses a dedicated team of operators assisted by a smart OCR system. That’s why it’s being considered a Premium CAPTCHA service. 

endCaptcha captcha solving EndCaptcha claims to have CAPTCHA solving time of 7-8 seconds and the service provides the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for selected packages, which protects users from outages and slow solving times. With this SLA, you will be refunded for all the CAPTCHAs solved above the guaranteed solving time and/or any service outages (according to the insurance level of your package).

With their no-overload policy you’ll get a 30 days, no questions asked money-back guarantee. If you get any overload, they’ll refund your purchase.


You can use EndCaptcha with virtually all tools that support other popular services such as DeathByCaptcha and DeCaptcher. Just download their Host Modifier software or change your host files yourself as instructed in API Documentation.


This service is not the cheapest one among the other CAPTCHA solving solutions, but it provides Promo Packages. Which turn out to be actually very cost effective, considering how much money people can save by getting images solved when they most need them to be solved. They also offer 1K free CAPTCHAs for everyone that signs up for a test drive.


The EndCaptcha service is really effective. Their uptime is close to 100%; the average solving time is 7-8 seconds. Users often send them a bunch of images at the same time span – more than 2,000 per minute. Other services can’t handle such large images volumes simultaneously. The service’s support is pretty responsive. On top of this, they offer Confident CAPTCHA (picture challenges) and Case Sensitive support (meaning that you’ll be able to solve case sensitive CAPTCHAs) at no additional cost.

Average Solving Time 7-8 seconds
Maximum Solving Time under 11 seconds
Overloads No
Case Sensitive Support Yes
Confident Captcha Support Yes
Service Support


The EndCaptcha service is excellent; it beats its competitors in that it almost eliminates CAPTCHA solving failure! Using this fast CAPTCHA solving service you do not loose opportunities (time & money) due to faulty/wrong CAPTCHA solving. I would strongly suggest to get the Promo Package though, just for the sake of savings!

This post is written by Mark Silva at the EndCaptcha marketing team.


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I have tried ENDCAPTCHA and let me tell you, it is far far better than any other service. The only thing I dont like is their logo as I am a designer by nature.

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