Development Miscellaneous Connector-GUIDs, User-GUIDs, API keys and how to get them?

Suppose I run a query to API:

$url = "" . $connectorGuid . "/_query?_user=" . urlencode($userGuid) . "&_apikey=" . urlencode($apiKey);

“HI there can you please tell me that what are connector-guid, user-guid and api key in below given code and how to get them for any website?”

I came across this question on StackOverflow, and as an avid user I thought I’d answer it here as well, in case any of you have the same issue. 

  1. User-GUID is a your user unique identifier. You might see it at your user’s settings’ page.
  2. Connector-GUID is a unique identifier for each Connector in general sense, it might be a Connector, a Crawler or an Extractor. It’s issued for each API Connector automatically. You might get it for each API piece. See the data page. Below is an example of Crawler with the Connector-GUID (in a white box): connector guid
  3. API key is your unique key to all your API. It’s renewable (you might generate a new one). Just go to your account page, get to the API key line and input your password to unlock the API key. Read more here how to get an API key.account page with apiUnlocked API key: unlocked api key

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