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Google Trends Review In the previous post we reviewed the Google search terms analytic tool, called Google Trends. Here we present an example of how to apply this free tool for acquiring the trends and comparing the various terms.

How to apply Google Trends to find the most searched mobile electronic devices for the last year

Suppose you are engaged in electronic retail or web marketing. What would be the top brands for you to put in the front windows of your store? Let’s do some quick research for the mobile devices with greatest popularity online (search queries) for the last 12 months.


First let’s put into Google Trends the most well-known mobile device producers. Having entered the companies’ names, we can get an overall picture of their popularity level:


Now, let’s turn to the related keywords for each electronic producer. We can also narrow the search as a product search, rather then a general Web Search as in the previous example. For the sake of space I put here only the samsung and apple results:

If you want to narrow your trending to a certain region, change the dashboard menu item value “Worldwide” for a target region.


Now after we’ve chosen 2-3 of the best rated electronic companies from their product search, we can take a look at the related terms to find product names:
For Samsung:

The results show that the top searches are the Samsung Galaxy s2 and s3, the latter being of higher interest in product searches.

For Apple:

The results are general as far as a particular mobile device, so let’s go further by clicking to “iphone”:

Now we find iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 as the most searched, the former being of greater interest.


And finally let’s compare the top devices we have mined with respect to their product search rate: “samsung galaxy s3″ and “apple iphone 4“:

The results (Worldwide) reveal the exceeding popularity of one of the products over the other.
Now this short research has made a contribution to your marketing or advertising strategy through a live comparison using Google Trends.

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