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Google Trends Review

Google Trends Review Google Trends, one of several free Google services for analytics, is one that renders search keyword interest trends over time. It is applicable for market research, analytics, and web surfer behavior tracking.

I did some trends research based on Google searches made.

The example of time trends

The following trends show the interest for given terms over the Google search engine.

Rising interest

One good thing about Google trends is that besides the top related terms (they are the top searches for now), the service provides the rising ones, which might not be in the top 10 yet, but their interest increase ought to be noticed.

Breakout rise means the search term has increased greater than 5000%.

Search options for narrowing results

The trends can be narrowed with several filters:

  • type of web search filter
  • location filter
  • time span filter
  • category filter (not all languages support the category feature filtering).

The following picture shows the results of given keyword trends over the last 12 months for the Internet & Telecom category.

The regional interest can be shown on the map by countries as well as the top cities list related to the given term.


If you want to monitor the popularity change over time, click the Play button under the map and you can see how a search term’s popularity changes over time, across regions.

In the next post we will present a short research example of how to find the most searched items in a niche using Google trends.


The Google Trends online tool is a handy means for finding and comparing the normalized search queries rates. The corresponding functionality for finding the correlated terms in any input time series (time trends) is done with Google correlate.

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