How to alarm of your site being illegally scraped

Have you encountered the issue of your site being scraped and your online content being infringed? Yes, you’ve warned your content abuser with no response or you have received just some excuses. But, after Google indexing, your content does not stick out of the similar content heap of stolen material in search results? What can one do to set an alarm and enforce some consequences or even punishment? 

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You can read information about copyright laws here.

Issuing DMCA request 

Suppose a scraper’s site of a higher rank reposts your content, and your post or weblog gets a lower ranking in Google search results. Google can guess if there is copyright infringement happening by making use of Digital Millennium Copyright Act “takedown” requests. In the Google indexing system you can issue the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) request on Google’s corresponding page to remove or downrank the abuser’s content from the Google index. Actually this new signal will influence only the ranking of some search results rather than in its removal from the Google indexing system. To fill in the DMCA request (and counter-request) you click here.

This page clarifies more on the DMCA request (and counter-request) in Google.

The  US court of appeals has affirmed that a certain [data] analytic company is lawful to scrape data aggregator’s (LinkedIn’s) public profiles info. The court has protected the data extractor’s right for mass gathering openly presented business directory information.

Sending Spam report 

In case a bunch of low quality sites have ripped off and reposted your content, another way to counter it is to issue a spam report. This is done through Google’s Webmaster tools form. Webmaster tools are in charge of site content and web traffic.

The US district court has concluded that moderate scraping, even when against ToS, is legal.

Watch more about Google ranking and content indexing in this video.

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