How to monitor phpMyAdmin new release

Recently, a friend of my asked me for a simple free tool to detect new releases of the phpMyAdmin software. Since I recently did some research on website change tracking, I immediately recommended This service is free with basic logging in and primitive interface. The drawback of this service is that its pages load with 20th century delays, but for one-time page adding it’s okay.

  1. Go to and sign up.
  2. At the home page, insert a page link to be monitored into the form field. Then, enter an email to send alerts to and process for logging in.
  1. In the second step, enter the tracking details. Two of the most important are (in red on the image):
  • alerts to be sent on daily basis
  • sizable changes track (unless you want to track tiny changes like dates or single words)
  1. When the process is completed, go ahead to check the list of monitored web pages. Click ‘all monitors’ under ‘account’ at the upper left corner:

Here it is. The page I’ve chosen to watch is now under the oversight of this service. If any sizable changes occur (that is, new information appears), I’ll be notified by email with a delay of no more than 24 hours.

The changes this service provides might look like this:

That’s it!

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