Is there any way to skip CAPTCHA?

JavaScript powered CAPTCHA

Most of the answers to the question in internet forums are given by services that automatically solve captchas. They provide services to solve CAPTCHA rather than to fully skip it.

person verified accountSo, if you want to really skip CAPTCHA (I speak now about the most used – reCaptcha v2, v3) the best way would be to have an account PVA (person verified account) from google/fb/{other media}. When that PVA is logged-in in a browser session, the captcha’s JavaScript will identify this account as a “real person” behind a browser request to a target page. Therefore JS-driven CAPTCHA will be omitted from blocking page usage.

Some prerequisites:

  1. PVA from google/fb/{other often used media}
  2. Regular activities done by the browser with logged-in account:
    – visit pages/sites that contain google analytics
    – playing youtube videos (youtube belongs to google)
    Use Selenium or headless Chrome for that.

If reCaptcha (v2, v3) is present, then the best PVA would be a google account.

Non-JS powered CAPTCHA

Non-JS powered CAPTCHAs are mainly text captchas. These are hard-coded captchas, and they do not react if cookie info of a PVA is present at visitor requests. However, you might give a comment to the post if you find a text CAPTCHA that is sensitive to the logged-in PVA.

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