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LiveHTTPHeaders Sniffer Review

This post deals with LiveHTTPHeaders, the FireFox add-on, by Daniel Savard. This built-in tool is designed to show live HTTP headers and traffic content, too. This tool stands among other simple and multy-functional HTTP traffic analysers.

The sniffer displays all the items related to requests and responses such as cookie, headers, caching info and others. I like it for its simplicity. In order to see the request’s content, just mouse over the corresponding request line.

The sniffer supports HTTPS and makes it possible to edit and replay some (GET or POST) HTTP requests (on Headers tab choose a line and press ‘Replay’).

Results filtering is done only with Regexes (Config tab). The logs can be saved in any text format.


This HTTP sniffer is a simple, lightweight tool for quick monitoring of HTTP headers. It certainly is a help for web applications debugging.

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