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EffeTech HTTP Sniffer Review

EffeTech Sniffer is an HTTP standalone sniffing application for the Windows operating system. The other HTTP traffic analyzers are available here.

The sniffer captures IP packets containing HTTP protocol, rebuilds the HTTP sessions, and reassembles files sent through HTTP protocol. It works to catch all the inner TCP packets, and IP addresses display.

As an ordinary sniffer, EffeTech shows the request/response headers, cookie and other details. However it does not work with HTTPS connections. The HTTP content and TCP packets are available for overview at the HTTP details page: in the toolbar menu go to Sniffer-> View details. No timeline is available.

As the sniffer captures, analyzes, parses and decodes HTTP, there is a slight delay in viewing the request lines on the application screen.

Exporting logs into HTML or CSV formats is also possible with this tool.


The EffeTech HTTP monitoring utility, can be recommended for non-professionals who want to catch in- and out web traffic.

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