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The most successful enterprises are always the ones which manage to stay a step ahead of their rivals. And to remain ahead, you have to be able to access the industry information faster and more consistently than anybody else. This is especially true for e-commerce and online retail industries, where the pricing contest is extremely fierce. Thus, the smallest developments in information processes can result in large changes in the outcomes.

The brand-new squirrel of the garden, NetNut, has introduced a fresh outlook on how residential proxies are chosen. Usually, residential proxy suppliers rely on p2p established IPs that can be more likely to bottleneck visitors and cause inaccessibility. NetNut has brought an exceptional solution for this issue through their partnership with DiviNetworks.

NetNut Overview

Observing the joys of using P2p established residential proxies, NetNut was created to overcome  rate, latency and access difficulties. NetNut utilizes the data delivery and network management services of DiviNetworks to provide efficient and stable facilities. All these facilities are particularly beneficial for data collection functions.

DiviNetworks works with 100’s of Internet service providers (ISPs) across the world for residential IPs. Non-P2P IPs, that are supplied directly from ISPs, help avert any risks of unexpected disconnections in the middle of a session and generate a sustained user experience.

Using residential IP addresses acquired straight from the ISPs allows NetNut to provide exceptional benefits:

  • 100 Gbit/sec network speed
  • Less than 1% failure speed
  • Quicker proxy rate with single jump connectivity
  • High security and high scalability
  • Static/Sticky IP option with 24/7 IP availability
  • Access to all sites including search engines

NetNut has over 5’000’000 IP addresses gained from ISPs in over 50 nations. While the number of IPs may appear relatively less than the opponents, the stable and consistent nature of those IPs surely compensates. Also, I’d love to find out that due to the fact NetNut uses a direct ISP connectivity proxy network , there is no dependency on end-users device like traditional P2P network, making the IPs available 24/7 and ready for constant use. In actuality, you end up with far less than what is advertised using P2P IPs.

Pros & Cons


  • Free Trial: NetNut provides 7 days of free trial to new customers, so it is easy to adapt to the machine and get your company running.
  • 24/7 Support: NetNut representatives will guide you over Skype to learn the machine. The direct assistance continues through the customer encounter.
  • Data Scraping: In many cases residential proxy providers do not permit data scraping activities. NetNut users are able to conduct data activities, within the range of  jurisdiction legislation, with no additional charge.
  • Sticky IP: Sticky IP allows connecting to the websites utilizing a dedicated IP. Sticky IPs become particularly useful when dealing with interpersonal networking websites such as Instagram.
  • Online Platform: Users do not need to obtain any software for their computer to make the most of NetNut’s services.
  • Fastest in the market: Since they provide one-hop-connectivity into ISPs without going through an end user’s device, you will feel the outstanding speed.


  • No SOCKS service: NetNut doesn’t support SOCKS protocol.

User Experience


NetNut has created a sleek and simple experience for those users. Upon registration, an email containing your login information will be transmitted to you. Utilizing these credentials, you can login into your account and link to a network. Crawler configuration and proxy country preferences can be chosen after you’re logged in.

Once you are registered, a NetNut representative will contact you to set up your account and answer your questions.


After you log in to your NetNut Account, you will be welcomed with actual time Traffic Data Analysis. The NetNut user dashboard catches one’s attention using a simple and refined design. The Dashboard displays real-time statistical information regarding overall usage, use per state, amount of requests and sub-user info. The visitors stats may also be obtained through an easy-to-use API.


NetNut provides a special IP per each browser and can be used with any browser. All your traffic and connections are going to be run through the NetNut network, without utilizing any third party personal computers. Because of this characteristic, the possibilities for interruptions or disconnections will probably be minimal to none.

NetNut has optimized IP pools for various functions like search engines (e.g., Google), social networking platforms (e.g., Instagram) and sneaker websites. The consumers are provided with over 1 endpoint that will refresh the IP address after reached.

NetNut residential proxy network can balance the load in a transparent fashion while ensuring anonymity. Distribution of the load to available servers increases the rate and efficiency of their relationship.

Residential Proxy Prices

NetNut has different residential Proxy plans based on your traffic needs. The plans are built around the bandwidth usage. The users may obtain more favorable costs as their information traffic increases.

  • Master (1 TB) = $3500 per month ($3.5 per GB)
  • Professional Plus (250 GB) = $1250 per month ($5 per GB)
  • Professional (100 GB) = $700 per month ($7 per GB)
  • Entrepreneur (50 GB) = $475 a month ($9.5 per GB)
  • Custom (20 GB) = $300 per month ($15 a GB)

The company offers request based plans for the big high rollers in the industry, besides the usual pricing plans.

NetNut also includes a unique program for the powerful players in the industry. The”Master Plus” plan offers 10 TB bandwidth capacity in special rates. Contact NetNut to learn more about the discounted price for the Master Plus program.

NetNut is providing its subscribers with a powerful Chrome Extension, without having to go through proxy integration.
You can easily target any country and choose static or rotating residential proxies right from your browser.

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