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Offline Browsing with Web2Disk

In the good old days when dial-up internet was almost the only way to the riches of the Web, and most of the people had to pay for every minute they spent on the Internet, offline browsers were very popular. But even today you may find such software useful, especially if you need to access a website from a place with limited internet connection (e.g. plane). In this article I will tell you about a wonderful piece of software called Web2Disk which can pack a website onto a CD for you to take  wherever you go.


When I opened this application for the first time, I was pleased with a nice and simple interface where all the important details are brought onto the main page, allowing you to start the scraping immediately. Although the program has a lot of settings and advanced features, they are hidden in the supplementary windows making the program easier to use:
Web2Disk Main Window


As I mentioned before, in addition to a nice interface, Web2Disk has a bunch of useful features as follows:

  • Scheduled Website Downloads allows you to scrape a web site on a regular basis keeping your offline copy updated
  • Website Changes Monitoring  will notify you when the website is changed by sending you an email
  • Page Filtering  saves bandwidth by excluding the files, pages and whole folders that you don’t need
  • Form Processing enables you to download even password protected sections of the website:

Web2Disk Password Form Settings


Though this software is not free (at the time when this article was written it was $39.95), it is surely worth the money. Inspyder has created a nice tool again, and if it fits your needs then we recommend that you give it a try.

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