SquidProxies review

Today we want to share with you about SquidProxies. It is a service offering anonymous HTTP/HTTPS proxies.

SquidProxies offers 2 types of data-center proxy packages, private proxies and shared proxies. The proxies are designated for just about any legal use, and work great to surf to every website. The proxies’ main use are web scraping/web crawling and SEO tools.

Private & Shared proxies

Below are the private proxy packages that the Squidproxies service provides:

Sample Package Price GEOCities/Subnets
 10 Proxies  $24  2  /  4
 50 Proxies  $87 4  /  8
 200 Proxies  $290  6  /  12
 500 Proxies  $575  8  /  16

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The Package of shared proxies starts from 100 proxies at $1 per proxy.

GEO locations

You can get multiple GEO locations, (only for packages of 10 proxies or more). Here is a list of the location of the servers: USA, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Sweden, UK, Switzerland

If you need a specific location of proxies, you have to submit a ticket after you purchase/subscribe, otherwise proxies will be allocated randomly in the US.

Legal & Refund

SquidProxies does not offer custom packages for special purposes. Yet Squidproxies guarantees that proxies will work for legal purposes, otherwise you can get a full refund within 7 days.

SquidProxies test

With Content Grabber support, we got a scraping agent. We set it to traverse a YP directory to get a list of Australian hotels (only name and phone number); we have not exposed the extracted data to anyone. This extraction exercise was solely for testing purposes.

Load and pre-test proxies

We loaded proxies using the Content Grabber Agent Settings interface.
Go to Agent Settings -> Proxy Source -> Proxy list. Then go to Proxy Settingscontent-grabber-proxy-list

Import proxies by loading them from a file (Import button at the bottom of the Proxy List window).

Before we started we also pre-tested given proxies (Test btn. at the bottom). Check the Rotate Automatically check-box to enable the agent to rotate proxies at the run time. Then we loaded a set of 100 proxies and successfully pre-tested them within the Proxy List interface.content-grabber-proxy-list-test-rotate

Test results

Now we tried SquidProxies and below is the result.

Web requests done Total execution time Total extracted (unique) records number
20512 1 ⅕ hours 855

The numerical results of the Content Grabber scraping agent of yellow pages aggregator using different various proxy services. 50 concurrent requests by the agent.

SquidProxies did pretty well: the extraction speed (avg. 5 requests per second with given 50 threads) was quite high with zero errors.

SquidProxies can be considered as one option that is competitive with modern rotating proxy services. Watch their full comparison results.


SquidProxies has proved to be a reliable and fast proxy provider with over 20K requests done to the YP business directory. We do recommend it. The only drawback of the given proxies is that they are only for HTTP and HTTPS protocols (no SOCKS protocol is supported).

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