Data Mining

Testing the Filter by TheWebMiner for advanced web content filtering

thewebminer_logoRecently I came across an interesting new tool from TheWebMiner called Filter. The Filter is an attempt by TheWebMiner to sort (categorize) indexed websites and deliver them to users as a content filtering service.

Web Scraping Software

A tool to extract phone numbers from a list of URLs

Today I got a question from one of my readers asking if there is a good out-of-the-box solution for crawling multiple websites for contact information. 


Inspyder Power Search Review

Inspyder Power Search is a crawling and scraping application which is more for straightforward scraping, using both XPath and Regex. The program has a simple, nice interface making it easy to learn and employ it.

Inspyder is designed for multiple purposes:


80legs Review – Crawler for rent in the sky

80legs offers a crawling service that allows users to (1) easily compose crawl jobs and (2) cloud run their crawl jobs over the distributed computer network.

The modern web requires you to spend huge amount of processing power to mine it for information. How could a start-up or a small business do comprehensive data crawling without having to build the giant server farms used by major search engines?