New Death By Captcha Node JS and iMacros API examples

reCaptcha-resist-2captchaThe service, one of the oldest and most consistent services in the captcha solving market, has recently added new Node JS API instructions and examples to solve ReCaptcha v2 challenges. Click the link to check the API details!


Creating REST API with Spring

Today we are going to discuss the quite huge and engaging theme – REST API – and make our own web application based on the most popular Java framework – Spring. To start with, we will explain the two main concepts of this article – REST API and Spring. Note, these two concepts are quite complex, and, unfortunately, we can’t fully describe them, but in the article you will find links that will help you cope with moments where you might get stuck.

Development Web Scraping Software REST API in php (example)

In this post, I’d like to demonstrate how to leverage the (CloudScrape) API along with its PHP Client library (also avail in Ruby and C#).

Development Miscellaneous Connector-GUIDs, User-GUIDs, API keys and how to get them?

Suppose I run a query to API:

$url = "" . $connectorGuid . "/_query?_user=" . urlencode($userGuid) . "&_apikey=" . urlencode($apiKey);

“HI there can you please tell me that what are connector-guid, user-guid and api key in below given code and how to get them for any website?”

I came across this question on StackOverflow, and as an avid user I thought I’d answer it here as well, in case any of you have the same issue.