Choosing reliable [rotating] residential proxies

Our experience with the residential proxy services. The table data are the work in progress

   Service   ResidentialCost/monthTraffic/month$ per GBRotatingIP whitelistingPerformance and moreNotes
N/AN/A3.5yesyes 500K+ IPs, 190+ locations
Test results
SOCKS5 supported
Proxy grey zone restrictions
N/A25 GB9 - 12

"pay-as-you-go" - 15
yesyes100M+ IPs, 192 countries

- 30K requests
- 1.3 GB of data
- 5K pages crawled
Not allowing to scrape some of grey zone targets, incl. Linkedin.
Link to the price page

N/A5.2 - 7

"pay-as-you-go" - 8.5
yesyes65M+ IPs, 195+ countriesFree Trial
Not allowing to scrape some of grey zone targets, incl. Linkedin.
N/AN/A3 - 6.5

"pay-as-you-go" - 8
yesyesOver 95% success
*Bans from Cloudflare are also few, less than 5%.
Black list of sites —> proxies do not work with those.
  • 1000 ports for one Proxy List
  • Up to 20 Proxy Lists at a time
  • Using via API Tool
  • ISP-level targeting
  • Rotation time selection
Mango Proxy
N/A1-50 GB3-8"pay-as-you-go" - 8yesyes90M+ IPs, 240+ countries
N/AN/A$4.55yesyes32M+ IPs, 195 countriesNot allowing to scrape some of grey zone targets, incl. Facebook. List of bloked sites. yes$ 4from 1 GB4yes
ScrapeOps Proxy AggregatoryesAPI Credits per monthN/A N/AyesAllows multithreading, the service provides browsers at its servers. It allows to run N [cloud] browsers from a local machine.
The number of threads depends on the subscription: min 5 threads.
The All-In-One Proxy API that allows to use over 20+ proxy providers from a single API
Lunaproxy.comyesfrom $15x Gb per 90 days0.85 - 5 Each plan allows certain traffic amount for 90 days only.
LiveProxies.ioyesfrom $454-50 GB5 - 12yesyesEg. 200 IPs with 4 GB for $70.00, for 30 Days limit
Charity Engine -docsyes-- starting from 3.6
CPU computing
- from $0.01 per avg CPU core-hour
- from $0.10 per GPU-hour - source.
failed to connect so far
proxy-sale.comyesfrom $17N/A
3 - 6

"pay-as-you-go" - 7
yesyes10M+ IPs, 210+ countries30 days limit for a single proxy batch
Tabproxy.comyesfrom $15N/A
0.8 - 3
(lowest price is for a chunk of 1000 GB)
yesyes 200M+ IPs, 195 countries30-180 days limit for a single proxy batch (eg. 5GB)


Another proxy comparison in here.

Undetectable’s proxy partners.

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