Linkedin scrape guide lines

The LinkedIn crawl success rate is low; one request that a bot makes might require several retries to be successful. So, here we share the crucial Linkedin scraping guide lines.

  1. Rate limit
    Limit the crawling rate for LinkedIn. The acceptable approximate frequency is: 1 request every second, 60 requests per minute.
  2. Public pages only
    LinkedIn allows for bots only public pages; pages that are private cannot be crawled.

  1. Set decent timeout
    LinkedIn requests have high response times at an average of 10 seconds. One recommends setting a timeout of at least 80 seconds.
  2. Async requests
    Regular bot request success rates can be below 50%… If you want higher success rates, use scrapers with async callbacks, eg. Node.js. See a Node.js project.
  3. Residential proxies
    Use residential proxies since this gives to Linkedin the confidence of user-like requesting.

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